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Electric Wiring Diagrams

The term “Electric Wiring Diagrams” refers to diagrams of how a property or building is wired. When a property or building is constructed,the building plans for the property under construction would incorporate a set of Electrical Wiring Diagrams or drawings, as agreed by the Architect and developer or home owner.

An Electrical Wiring Diagram is essential for the construction process in that the plans will indicate the position of Lighting Points,Light Switches,Socket Outlet Points and Power Outlet Points for appliances and any other equipment as agreed,to allow installation of conduits and or trunking,light switch and receptacle boxes to accommodate the wiring and switches.

Electrical Wiring Diagrams will also plot the route where cables will be run throughout the building from the Main Panel or Consumer Unit to each of the designated power points Electric Wiring Diagrams normally takes the form of a line drawing,samples of which can be seen at our website below

Based on the Drawings provided the Loading or amperage consumption of a property can be calculated by the Electrical Contractor to ensure the correct gauge of wire and size of Main Breaker and Sub circuits breakers for protection is correct. Under rated wiring and oversized protection can cause damage to the wiring. It is important to Contact your Government or Local Authorities as to specific requirements or legislation with regards to The Electrical Wiring Code.

Although National Wiring Regulations are available,certain additional requirements may be necessary and required to comply with wiring regulations. Safety is imperative when it comes to electrical wiring and any work should be carried out by a Qualified Electrician or Electrical Engineer,and permits obtained from the local authority before any work commences. Be Aware, Electricity Can Kill. To understand how the layout of Wiring Diagrams are presented, visit our website below.