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Key Tips on How to Reinforce a Commercial Door

Throughout the year, there are quite big losses that are incurred by most businesses and most of them are caused by theft. These occurrences happen not because the affected business premises have no locks but because the burglars try their best to bypass it. As a business owner, you should know that experiencing a burglary is not caused by any form of security negligence and hence you can easily be targeted. Even though you may not fully guarantee a safe environment in your business premises, you can observe some of the security tips to minimize the cases of burglary. One of the things you can reinforce to boost the security of your business is the doors. It is also important that you consider reinforcing your commercial doors before you experience any break-ins. You can follow the tips given below on how to reinforce your commercial doors and secure your business.

The first step to reinforcing your commercial door is reinforcing the door frame. No matter the type of silk plate your commercial door has, if the frame is weak, any force can break down the particular door since the frame is the one that keeps the door in place. The best way to reinforce the frame, therefore, is by adding a layer of steel on it so that any force can be withheld. Also, you can secure the wall studs so that the door is strongly installed.

Secondly, you ought to strengthen the door’s edge when you are reinforcing a commercial door. The door’s edge is where the bolts go through to lock into the frame of the door and hence it ought to be strengthened to sustain the frame itself. Strengthening the door edge entails putting a door wrap around it which increases the surface area where a great force can be distributed.

Securing of the door hinges is another key tip when reinforcing a commercial door. The door hinges are usually exposed on most commercial doors and this can be risky as they can easily be popped off and the door removed. The door hinges can, therefore, be secured by installing jamb pins which act as security pins.

Reinforcing strike plates is another key tip when it comes to reinforcing a commercial door. The strike plates can be reinforced by either replacing small screws with longer screws or by using a longer silk plate which will need many screws. Apart from the outlined tips, you can also reinforce your commercial door by installing high-quality door material and many secure locks. By going through this article, you can be enlightened on how to reduce burglary cases for your business.
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