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All About Santa Barbara Beaches

Warm sunshine experienced for almost an entire year and the beautiful and amazing setting of the beaches in Santa Barbara is one of the features that make them stand out. Santa Barbara beaches are preferred by most people for a variety of reasons although a universal one is the one range of activities you can engage in while there. You can always find the top places to visit in Santa Barbara because unfortunately not all of them can deliver the type of experience you seek. Whether you want to go swimming, surfing or kayaking, here are some of the best beaches to look at in Santa Barbara.

When you are in Santa Barbara, you should make an effort to visit Leadbetter beach whether you want to enjoy the sun or just stroll along the beach, plus it is located to some of the places you would frequent like hotels and tourist attractions. If you are one of those beaches who enjoy beach strolls, has thing for swimming, surfing or bringing your pooch everywhere you go, you should know Miramar beach offers a welcoming destination where you will enjoy a good time.

East beach is another on the list of best beaches in Santa Barbara but unlike the previous too, it is popularly known for volleyball and hosts major tournaments throughout the year, plus you are sure to find the other water sporting activities here too. Arroyo Burro beach in Santa Barbara is very popular among the locals especially those who own dogs plus it is only place that allows dogs to be off leash in a designated area, if that is the kind of thing you are looking, this beach is the best for you.

Butterfly beach is also among the best beaches in Santa Barbara and although it is small, it’s usually among the busiest and a lovely spot to soak up some rays or walk your dog. For those beach lovers who want to bring their families along on vacations, Carpinteria City beach is the place where you should be headed; in addition to being the safest beach in the area, they have adequate facilities to accommodate them, plus you can enjoy volleyball, go for a walk and a wonderful spot to watch the sunset.

On the list of the best beaches to visit while in Santa Barbara is Goleta Beach Park which is known for fishing although there are other water activities taking place, and one of the most kid-friendly beaches. Loon Point beach is one of the best but it could be the best you if you are looking to spend some quality time with your spouse especially during the weekends when you can almost have it yourselves. If you are drawing up a list of the places to visit, they should be at the top.
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