Will Electric Cars Really Help the Environment?

All over the world natural energy resources are fast depleting and the unrest in oil producing countries has only added to the problem. Cars need gas to run on the streets and the rising prices make it hard for people to manage their budgets. The other big disadvantage of using gas to run gas has to do with the environment.

Cars running on gasoline produce harmful fumes and these are very bad for the environment. As you go on a long drive on the highway, your car is emitting carbon dioxide gas (greenhouse gases). These greenhouse gases increase the temperature and harm the ozone layer that protects our earth from the harmful rays of the sun.

So how does one save money and the environment simultaneously? A very easy solution to all these problems is to use electric cars for transportation. Electric cars are not dependent on the depleting natural resources (gasoline) and this helps reduce the carbon footprint.

Governments all the world are encouraging companies to produce more electric cars by offering them various incentives. There has also been a gradual increase in the number of people who are opting for such cars.

Electric cars do not emit harmful greenhouse gases and this helps protect the environment. As cars are a major mode of transport for millions of people all over the world, it would make a significant impact, if people shift to electric cars.

The only drawback of these cars is that they are expensive. However most companies that produce these are spending millions of dollars on research and this will help in bringing down the cost and making it a viable alternative.

The other big advantage of using these cars is that the batteries are nickel based and disposing of them while replacing is less hazardous on the environment. On the other hand batteries used in conventional gasoline consuming cars are made from lead and these can be very hazardous for the environment when they are replaced.

Electricity that is used to charge the batteries of these cars can be produced from solar, wind, thermal or nuclear power supply. This would also help the environment as fossils are not burnt to produce electricity.