Top Five Best Car-Electric Inventions Of All Time

From the first steam powered coaches to today’s super-cars, an automobile is a vehicle that undergoes constant changes and improvements.

The first cars that were invented could barely replace the horse, were not reliable and didn’t show any promising future.

But people who were visionaries kept the idea alive, pressured forward thus making the car a irreplaceable part of our lives.

During that time, the development of electricity and it’s every-day usage was also in expansion. The crossing between these two were imminent.

The cause of this was that the car was becoming not only a mean of transportation but a necessity in every day life. The further expansion of the car depended on it to be easy to use, that almost everyone could use it and you can learn to drive it relatively simply.

One of the most important fields of car industry that did this is car electrics.

Here’s our top list of the most important electric inventions on the car:

1. Starter: starting the car was a sweat-breaking business before the starter. A procedure by it’s own, where you had to be fairly skilled. Cranking the car was done with a cranking rod. The driver would put it into place, use all the strength available, crank the engine and if he’s lucky the engine would start after a few turns. If not, he was in for another lesson in body-building. Aside that, when the engine started the driver had to let loose of the rod in time or else he would get a knock in the face.

Every time you put the key into the ignition, remember this and enjoy it as a privilege.

2. Alternator: now this was a breakthrough!! Before the alternator was the dynamo-machine. A DC generator who wasn’t that bad, but had a lot of glitches, the regulator system was complicated, it was large and in some cars highly unreliable. Then came the alternator. It was brilliantly constructed, highly dependable, half the size of the dynamo and very easy to repair. The output that it gave was much more stable and consistent thus allowing more appliances to be put in the car.

3. Light bulb: this invention is of course, revolutionary in all. The bulb replaced the gas-oil lamps which drivers hanged in the side of the car. Needless to say that it gave the driver the possibility of night driving thus more autonomy and safety on the road. The first bulbs that were used had a short life-span, but gradually built up to today ones that are enduring, long lasting and give us a comfortable night drive.

4. Battery: this invention has made the complete car electric system possible. From the old heavy and unreliable ones to today’s modern batteries, it’s something that a car can’t go without. In the invention of the batteries lay the seeds of today’s modern electric-cars.

5. Spark plug: today it’s an usual item in car mechanics. But think of the people that invented it!! Lighting the fuel-air mix with an electric spark, simply amassing. How great it is, proves the fact that the principle is unchanged ever since.

Every invention on the car has it’s purpose and, in mechanical terms,it’s own beauty. Ranking of this kind doesn’t neglect all of the other marvels on the car, on the contrary.

The genius in these 5 inventions is that they stayed basically unchanged for all of these years giving the driver comfort, safety and reliability.